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4WD in Low Range

Low range should only be selected for extreme off-road condition where progress in high range could not be maintained, or in any situation where low speed manoeuvering is necessary i.e. reversing a trailer or negotiating a boulder strewn river bed.

In addition, when towing a heavy load it is often easier to move off in low range and then change into high range when reasonable road speed has been achived. Before driving through difficult ground conditions select low range, remember to engage diff lock on permanent 4WD vehicles and a suitable gear.

Only experience will tell the driver which is the correct gear for a given section of ground but generally with manual transmission the higher the gear the better. Obviously, if the gear selected is too high the engine will stall and then a lower gear must be selected for another attempt.

Do not change gear while negotiating difficult terrain as the drag at the wheels may cause the vehicle to stop when the clucth is depressed and difficulty may be in re starting.

Exercise care when using the accelerator as suden power surges may induce wheel spin.

As the ground conditions become less difficult high range should be re-selected remembering to remain in 4WD or keep the differential lock engaged where there is risk of losing traction.