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4WD Jungle Adventure Chaos

I still remember in the 80s when we go for the 4wd jungle adventure, upon arrival at the village at the edge of the jungle or even when were passing through the Orang Asli village, we were greeted like lord.

Beside giving donation and the goodies to their children, the kampung folks enjoy and admire our highly modified hardcore 4wd vehicles. In their eyes we can see their excitement with our vehicles. They admire when we demonstrated our skill driving the 4wd passing through the obstacles.

Oh yes! Of course we need to tackle an obstacle one at a time. We drove cautiously and skillfully in passing through the obstacles, especially during climbing and going down the tough and slippery hills.

But now, the younger generation 4wd enthusiasts are completely different. Either be driving on the highway or muddy offroad, they just simply speeding without concern of their own safety.

Worst still when they are passing through the Orang Asli villages. Without concern of the children standing nearby they race among themselves. The roar of the engines and the squeaky of the tyres not only bring disturbance to the Orang Asli but it damage the village paths.

The routes to the Orang Asli villages are badly damage due to the hardcore offroad tyres. The peaceful and the tranquility of Orang Asli village come to chaos. Their anger lead them to serious actions.

The 4wd convoy are not welcome to their villages any more. Even to pass through will only be permitted after negotiation with the headman's as all the routes passing through their villages are block with the huge timber logs.