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Camping In Style

After the Tibang chaos camping trip, my camping buddy, Dean requested that we look for new camp site for another night camping.

Initially I thought of taking him and his group for camping at my orchard. I feel it's great to camp on the hill top and put up the tents underneath the 'petai' tree. But my partner is against my idea as there is no river nearby the orchard.

Alternatively we camp at 'Pecah Batu' river nearby the Orang Asli village. Eventually we were told the off road to the place is in a very terrible condition. In past a few 4WD's try to tackle the obstacles ended their vehicles in the workshop. So we scrap off the idea to go there.

As I came to understand that is one camp site at the top of the waterfall near Rasau village. So we try to locate it but ending in the merry-go-round.

Our local scout suggested we camp at one camp site. I agreed. As he was guiding us the route to go there, a couple of times we ended at somebody orchards. Dean with his impatient altitude got heated up. Huhuhu...!

Eventually our patient pay off. We finally arrived at the camp site just before the sun set. It's a cozy and beautiful camp site by the smooth flowing river. Hahaha...!

Initially it's quite scary as there is an abandoned chalet that was build resemblance to the Sarawak long house. But the beauty part of it, there's a 5-star toilet facilities complete with shower. Ahahah...!

Another good deal with that cam site, it has an electricity supply. Hohoho...

Then we can have a camping in style with our laptop. Hehehe....!

Before we set up our tents, a middle age couple came with a Land Rover. To my surprise, they are the owner of the place. As requested, the granted our request to camp there for free. Hooray hooray....!!

As I wrote this posting, I just have a lengthy discussion with the owner, Jamal and Yatie. They agreed to my proposition to promote the camp site. As for the scary abandoned long house chalet, they will get the workers to demolish it.

As proposed, they agreed the place to be call 'US RIVER CAMP'. And soon, I'll organize a camping-in-style at this new camp site.