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Thrill Adventure Camping

It has been quite some time I have not organize any camping event. However, towards end of May, there is going to be a very thrill and adventure camping coming up.

Further more I was informed that the campsite has been raining very heavily for the past few weeks. As such I am sure the route is going to be very tricky and tough. Indeed it's going to be another great camping adventure.

So I would like to advise the participants to be more prepared. Brings more foods and make sure the 4WD are all fully equips with the offroad equipments and use the adventure offroad tires.

As this trip is a non profit making, I just like to remind the participants to bear their own cost. I'm only organizing the event out of my interest and I'll provide a free technical advice. But most important, the participants willing to experience the tough adventure camping trip.

First stop before hitting offroad

Mild offroad to the campsite (luckily it's dry, if it rain this offroad tends to be very tricky and tough)

Faizal with his Isuzu D'Max

Tackling the fisrt off-road obstacle

Our fisrt stop at the Kayangan Village (350ft above sea level)

Sadai (The Headman) house at Kayangan Village

Stop by at the village sundry shop. Actually this shop sell more things than 7E. You can even buy petrol and motorcycle parts here.

Upon arrival at the Lata Serpik waterfall

Posing at the fisrt stop waterfall Lata Serpik

"I love durian"

Durian feast otw to campsite

View of the Orang Asli village

Tok Batin Yop Lui (The Headman - his face looks like the character in 'God Must Be Crazy)

Bamboo Rice (Rice stuff in the bamboo and burn it)