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Nature Camp

Despite the hindrance that we faced in organizing the Tibang Nature Camp last weekend, overall the camping trip was very successfully. Most of the participants would like us to organize again after the Chinese New Year.

Earlier all plans goes as schedule. My wife will cook the local dishes and another chef will cook western foods. But last minute this western food chef throw the towel against us and we have to take care of everything.

Come the day, as requested all participants was waiting for me at the meeting point. To my surprise, this western food chef was there with his black Hilux. Adding more surprise, he invited his friends to tag along and joined the camping for free.

Anyway it doesn't matter to me. Either you pay or not, it won't make me rich or poorer. But being in the group, it's good to talk to each other rather than being stuck-up and snobbish.

Well, that the last for it. The next Gapis 4WD camping trip will solely be under the Gapis 4WD admin group only.

Last but not least, our great appreciation to Dean Rahim and his wife Halimah and her friend Ena for lending the helping hands despite paying for the camping trip.

Our thank you too to Ah Heng and his wife for understanding our difficulties.

Thumbs up to all the participants including their children who enjoy the trip.