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4WD Recovery

If you're new into this 4WD activity, these are some advise what you should do and what should avoid. Should the vehicle immobile due to loss of traction, the following hints will be of value:-

a) Once the vehicles is stationary avoid prolonged wheel spin as this will only make matter worse.

b) Try to remove any obstacle i.e. rocks, tree stumps, etc. It will also help to remove any earth or sand that is supporting the weight of the vehicle via the chassis or axles.

c) If the ground is very soft, reduced tyre pressures may help. Remember that this will also reduce ground clearance.

d) Clogged tyre treads should be cleared.

e) Reverse as far as possible and the momentum gained by making a faster second approach may get the vehicle over the obstacles.

Brushwood, sacking or any similar materials places in front of the wheels will assist in obtaining traction.

If the vehicle has dug itself in, jack it up and build up the ground under the wheels to obtain ground clearance.


a) The four wheel drive and differential lock controls should be engage before driving onto any surface where traction may be lost at one or more wheels. Do not operate either of these controls while individual wheels are spinning.

b) Do not engage low range while the vehicle is moving.

c) Do not allow the engine to labour in too high a gear.

d) Do not use the handbrake while the vehicle is moving except in an emergency.

e) Do not overload the vehicle for sustained cross country work.

f) Do not wrap your thumbs round the steering wheel as severe steering kick back over rough ground may result in broken thumb.

g) Do not use the clutch pedals as a foot rest. Keep the left foot well clear of the clutch pedal while the vehicle is in motion.

h) Do not rely on the handbrake to hold he vehicle if the brake linings have been subjected to immersion in mud and water.

i) Do not engage the differential lock of four wheel drive on the road except when the road surface provides insufficient traction.

So the rest will be happy off-road driving to you guys.