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The Last Camping

Due to certain circumstances and my heavy commitment in writing, blogging, Internet Marketing and my off-line business, the coming Gapis Adventure Camp 2 will be the last camping activity I'm going to organize.

I have to put an end to organize such event as I feel that I age is catching up. I'll make sure that the last Gapis Adventure Camp will be an event to be memorized by all participants.

Somehow or rather, I'll be starting my own 'Jungle Camp' at my own durian orchard in the jungle at the Gapis village.

I'll be starting building up the infra structures such as huts for the guests, coffee stall, kitchen, bathrooms and etc.

The coffee stall as the lay-out plan above will be a cozy for guests to rest and relax.

In this 'Jungle Camp Stay', the guests are welcome to help and assist the chef at cooking. As cooking will be done by firewood and strictly no using of gasoline or gas cooking. By doing that the foods will be tasted at the delicious as an original cooking style by the kampung folks.